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Exclusive content for traditional MBA applicants including video guides, example essays, templates and more.

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Exclusive Deferred MBA content including video guides, example essays, templates and more.

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Deep-dive into Management Consulting case study interviews across various case types.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my subscription?

Your Leland+ subscription comes with a host of benefits including exclusive video content, example resources, downloadable templates, and a host of additional content. You also have access to Leland+ coaching discounts to ensure you can get the 1:1 help you need to reach your goals. 

Does the content remain the same each month?

Leland+ content is sourced from hundreds of coaches that are constantly adding new videos, examples, and templates. We also love when subscribers share feedback on specific topics or resources they are interested in so that we can source the most up-to-date and relevant content. If there are specific resources that you’d like to request, please reach out at plus@joinleland.com

Can I share my content subscription plan with others?

No. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to achieve their most ambitious goals, and in order to do that, Leland+ is accessible via an affordable subscription. This ensures that we'll be able to continue building Leland+ for years to come.

How is the content for Leland+ selected?

Less than 5% of coaches who apply to coach on Leland end up being a coach. That means that Leland+ content is sourced from experts who have been in your shoes and have achieved and helped others achieve their goals. 

How do I cancel or manage my subscription?

You can view and manage your subscription in your Order History.

What is the refund policy?

Please review Leland's Refund Policy.

Will Leland+ automatically renew?

Yes, Leland+ is a subscription product that renews every month or year based on the timeline you opt into when you subscribe.